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Marketing and advertising agency JWT, New York, has released its trend report for 2012, and here are some of the travel trends worth watching:

Connected Car Services
Start-up Uber ( released an app that dispatches a car to you. Currently operating in Paris and several US cities, there are plans to expand in 2012.

Digital Postcards
Sincerely’s Postagram 
apps ( and Postcard on the Run ( allow you to turn snapshots into postcards.

Women-Only Floors
With more women traveling solo, many hotels are reviving women-only floors, offering more security, room amenities like fashion magazines, hair tools and additional hangers, and services such as female room attendants, tables for solo female diners, and networking events.

Quick, affordable trips, unusual one-off experiences and mini-vacations.

Real-Time Translation
 ( is a new app that translates what each speaker is saying, currently in nine languages, and Sakhr ( offers an app for Arabic.

People-to-People Experiences
New tools will allow travellers to find niche experiences and locals who can provide them, with unique and personalised activities and tours.

Smarter Check-Ins
Forward-thinking hotels and airlines are issuing loyalty cards that double as room keys, and also automatically activate in-room amenities, turning on lights, opening curtains and personalising TV programmes. NFC-equipped smartphones are another new room key format.

Social Seating
Users sign in with their social media accounts for the opportunity to hand-pick desirable seating arrangements.

VIP Treatment
Special access passes already allow travellers to skip queues, and independent airport lounges provide extra comfort for an additional price.

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